About the Checklist

Work on the Checklist was begun in the 1980s by Dr. John C. Morse, Clemson University. John periodically updated the list, but with John devoting so much of his time to the Trichoptera World Checklist, he handed off the duties of maintaining and updating the Nearctic Checklist to Andy Rasmussen, Florida A&M University.

The Checklist is a working document (MS Word) that is updated periodically to reflect current taxonomy and new distributional records. The authors hope to someday convert the Checklist into a relational database.

For each species, geographic distribution is summarized by listing from where in the US (state) and Canada (provinces & territories) each species has been reported in the scientific literature. Literature sources are cited, but the full bibliographic references are not given. If the user wishes to dig deeper into the literature, Google Scholar, the Trichoptera Literature Database, and the Trichoptera World Checklist are good places to start.

Distributional Checklist of Nearctic Trichoptera

Trichoptera Nearctica


Many colleagues have contributed to this Checklist over the last 30 years. Their help is greatly appreciated! We are especially grateful to Drs. Glenn Wiggins and Oliver Flint for their early work toward compiling these data and sharing the results with JCM. We thank Dave Ruiter for his extensive and valuable input that has been incorporated into subsequent updates.

Suggested Citation

Rasmussen, A.K., & Morse, J.C. 2021. Distributional Checklist of Nearctic Trichoptera (Fall 2021 Revision). Florida A&M University, Tallahassee. 519 pp.  [Available at http://www.Trichoptera.org]

HELP!  See something missing or an error? Want to make a suggestion? Please help us improve the Checklist by supplying us your feedback. Colleagues, please send reprints or electronic copies of your publications to the Editor as they are published. Information you provide may be very useful for future updates.

Usage Agreement

The Distributional Checklist of Nearctic Trichoptera represents thousands of hours of effort undertaken over a period of many years. The text of the Checklist made available here represents the equivalent of an unpublished, non-peer-reviewed manuscript. We wish to make the information contained in the Checklist freely and widely available to the Trichoptera research community for the purposes of facilitating and stimulating research on caddisflies. The allowable uses of the Checklist are specified below. All other uses and rights are reserved by the authors. By using the Checklist, users agree to accept and conscientiously follow these usage guidelines.

  1. The Checklist may be used by researchers and others as a tool to aid understanding of the geographic distributions of Trichoptera of the Nearctic region.
  2. The Checklist may be used by researchers as a reference source for distributional data. However, to assure accuracy, references should be checked before any information is used from the list.
  3. Researchers may produce printed, machine-readable, or other-media copies of the Checklist, either in part or in full, for the purposes of facilitating and stimulating research on Trichoptera. Researchers may distribute copies to others for the same purposes without the author's explicit approval. Such copies may not be sold for profit, but distributors may charge third parties for production and distribution costs (e.g., disks, paper, photocopying, postage, etc.).
  4. Where a researcher believes that data obtained from the Checklist has been of substantial value in facilitating a research project, the researcher will cite the Checklist in the "References Cited" section of any publications resulting from the research project. Such citations will help to advertise the Checklist.
  5. The authors reserve the right to publish the Checklist in its entirety (or in substantial part) in all media. Individuals and organizations that use or receive full or partial copies of the Checklist agree that such copies will not be used as the basis for the production or publication (in any medium) of another checklist of Trichoptera, including regional, state, or provincial checklists. Anyone wanting to use data from the Checklist to produce more restrictive checklists should contact the Editor.
  6. The data contained in the Checklist may not be incorporated in their entirety (or in substantial part) into any other species list file or database without the prior written approval of the authors. Researchers may maintain full or partial copies of the Checklist on their personal computers to allow rapid access to the Checklist, but such files may not be corrected or supplemented, as this would amount to using this Checklist to produce another Checklist of Nearctic Trichoptera. Users are requested to send corrections and additions to the Editor of Trichoptera Nearctica so that they may be included in subsequent versions of the Checklist, and thus benefit the entire caddisfly community.