Caddis Fighting the Zombie Apocalypse. Illustration by Danielle Wolaver.


Trichoptera Nearctica

Trichoptera Nearctica is an outgrowth of the Aquatic Entomology Program at Florida A&M University, which is home to the W.L. Peters Aquatic Entomology Research Collections. Michael D. Hubbard, the late founder of Ephmeroptera Galactica, is the inspiration for creating Trichoptera Nearctica. Andy Rasmussen serves as its scientific editor and webmaster. Comments and suggestions regarding content and design should be addressed to him.

The mission of Trichoptera Nearctica is to serve as an informational resource on Trichoptera and to provide up-to-date taxonomic and distributional information for all caddisfly species found in the Nearctic region, North of Mexico. It is our hope that students of Trichoptera will find this information useful and that it will facilitate research, conservation, and management of these fascinating creatures.

On this site we maintain a distributional checklist of currently valid Trichoptera species recorded from the US and Canada, along with supporting citations from the scientific literature. This website and Checklist will be updated frequently to reflect new publications dealing with the taxonomy and distribution of the Nearctic species.